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Dog bath

The estimated bathing time for a small dog is about 15 minutes. The dog is fastened to the bathtub so that no harm is done to him, and then we provide him with psychological comfort during the bath. We wash it with shampoos and get used to the water spray. After the bath, we apply a conditioner or mask and then it is rinsed. We wrap the dog in towels after bathing.

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After bathing, comb the dog wet and remove felts and tangles with appropriate tools. We use conditioners and dry shampoos to make care painless.

Estimated time to remove tangles depends on their size and density. Most often they are formed around the paws, armpits, tail. Sometimes they also appear on the muzzle and the entire coat. If there are a lot of them and they occur all over the dog, then the time is significantly extended and it is about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Not only does the dog need to have it removed, but it needs to rest during the procedure and be handled in a more gentle way. Pulling out and removing the knots can be unpleasant for the dog due to the longer grooming time and unwanted movements, and even slight discomfort when pulling out the knots. If we see that the dog has more knots than on the paws and tail, I recommend adding this service earlier to prepare and use appropriate measures to prevent discomfort to the dog.



Drying the dog and the estimated time of this service is about 30 minutes. During this procedure, I pay attention not to blow in the dog’s eyes, muzzle or ears. I use more airflow for paws, all over the ointment and on the butt. I use the lower airflow of the hand dryer for my face and all over my head and neck. Also using a brush and a box. Where the hair is dried faster and looks good.

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After pre-prepared dog care, when the hair is clean and combed, the haircut is problem-free and the haircut itself takes less time than in the case of haircut without prior care. The haircut itself lasts from 30 minutes to 40 minutes for a very small dog. When the dog is not prepared, the dog’s haircut can be extended by half the time scheduled. The haircut is always discussed with the owner of the pet. It is best if the owner brings along photos of the desired hairstyle.

To get the desired hairstyle, the so-called grinding, i.e. modeling shapes. You have to remember that when we have a dog with thick hair, the modeling of shapes is a bit longer. You can use the selection of hairstyles that is in our catalog. Not every dog is suitable for a hairstyle from the catalog or our vision. However, we will advise you that the dog will leave the salon beautiful and we will choose the right hairstyle and needs that the pet needs.


Eyes, ears, claws

When the dog is given a comprehensive grooming service in the salon, an inseparable element is claw trimming. When shearing the paws and its care, longer claws come across, which are shortened to the appropriate length. Not shortening the claws during grooming can cause the tools to spin during trimming or complications and purulent pads.

Eyes and ears
The second element of comprehensive care is washing the eyes and ears with appropriate preparations. Sometimes dogs have a clogged ear canal with hair, which I also pull out for preventive and hygienic purposes. They do not remove earwax, which should protect the dog’s ears. Major treatments and inflammatory problems always advise and recommend a visit to the vet. I discuss and inform all disturbing signals.

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