Dog bath Rzeszow

Animal bathing – Customers often choose bathing services, because the hair after using special shampoos and conditioners by me is much better. It also offers a bath with rose petals and relaxing massages, which are designed to soothe the dog before the main care, as well as strengthen the skin and nourish the hair. For the bath, you can choose a nutritional mask for the dog to improve the condition of the hair, remove felt from the robe or allow you to get rid of tangles.

Dog cleaning

Masks are also good for dogs that have problems with hair falling out, thanks to it, greased and nourished hair sticks to the skin more. I also offer antiallergic baths as well as coloring baths. Our service also includes baths with insect repellents – fleas and ticks, the natural ingredients of the shampoo make them repel insects for a certain period of time. In our salon we have only professional cosmetics of the best quality.

Flea removal

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The estimated bathing time for a small dog is about 15 minutes. The dog is strapped to the bathtub so that no harm is done to him, and then we provide him with psychological comfort during the bath. We wash it with shampoos and get used to the water spray. After the bath, we apply a conditioner or mask and then it is rinsed. We wrap the dog in towels after bathing.

Animal bath Rzeszow


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