Guinea pig and rabbit grooming

Despite the differences in coat, both rabbits and guinea pigs are very susceptible to matting problems. Mats are made of matted hair, in which pieces of hay and bedding (e.g. sawdust) become entangled. Most often they form under the neck and around the tail.

Rabbits and rodents, cleaning their fur, always swallow hair. This is a natural process and the constant use of a healthy, high-fiber diet prevents the formation of hair plugs in the stomach or intestines of animals. However, our pets go through two shedding cycles a year. These cycles are conditioned by the length of the day and ambient temperatures. They usually fall in early spring (January-March) and early autumn (August-October). At this time, intensive licking of dead fur causes that much larger amounts of hair get into the digestive system, which accumulate in the stomach. Lagomorphs and rodents, unlike dogs and cats, do not have a gag reflex, so they cannot get rid of excess hair by vomiting. What’s more – the food content remaining in the stomach, due to the natural weak musculature of its walls, will not be pushed further than with another portion of the food taken. The only way out of the clusters is through the anus…

Cause? The rabbit’s stomach is filled with matted hair and food, forming balls that it is unable to expel. Intensive and costly treatment awaits him, and in the worst case, surgical emptying of the stomach. The matted coat of urine and feces attracted flies with its smell, which laid eggs in it. The worms turn out to be nothing more than fly larvae.

strzyżenie królika

Why is it worth shearing animals?

Let’s remember that it was us – people, who created the Angora and long-haired rabbits and guinea pigs. And it’s us – people, who should make every effort to help them in proper hair care. We feed them, we are responsible for their health and well-being. When shearing rabbits and guinea pigs, we care about their hygiene or comfort on hot days, but above all about their health. Haircut is the simplest and least time-consuming form of prophylaxis, and it gives great results. Our peace of mind about the health of our little friends is priceless. Because as we all know, prevention is better than cure!

Animal shaving

SHAVING is cutting a hair, fur or coat very short. This is the so-called getting rid of the hair completely. Of course, we get rid of this hair cover in the spring when the animals are not threatened by cold or heat.

Every year between April and May falls the time of seasonal alpaca or ram shearing. This is a natural removal of the fleece.

Baths Clipping
Rodents YES PLN 90/h
Mammals NO PLN 90/h
strzyżenie alpak rzeszów


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