Cat care – early start

When we buy a cat, it is very important to get it used to early grooming. The cat is very sensitive and our every move is received by the cat very intensely. To avoid frustration and stress, it is worth getting him used to combing and bathing from an early age. Care for nails or ears. By nature, a cat can take care of its fur and claws. But at home, his access to natural conditions is limited. That is why it is important to take care of your cat so that it feels as good as possible and lives a healthy life.

An early start for our cat is very important because the cat is used to daily care and it is a norm for it, not a stress. It is also important for the owner because we avoid unforeseen reactions and attacks on us related to the care of our pet. The cat does not defend itself, and is very grateful to us for the great time we give it, our emotional bond increases.

Playing with a brush – cat’s first grooming

The first brushing can be stressful for our cat and for us too. The cat doesn’t know what we mean, so he treats it as a game. He grabs the brush, scratches and wants to catch and sometimes treats it like prey. We should not be nervous and also accept it as fun with our pet. The animal can assess our emotions and will treat it as an attack or a larger hunt for a mouse.

Patience and creativity on our part will allow us to enjoy together with our kitten. Over time, we will meet our cat and find an antidote for easy combing. And we will also learn new things. The cat will get used to the brush as well as to daily care. Let’s try to keep the kitten happy and relaxed. Stroking alternately with brushing should be a recipe for faster learning.

Cat bath

Cat baths, when implemented early, are also not stressful and are even sometimes a pleasure for the cat. It is therefore worth taking care from an early age to get the cat used to this care. Small cats like to play with tap streams, so it’s worth taking advantage of it. Water for cats can become
very intresting. It’s a little harder to bathe a cat that hasn’t been bathed before. So it’s worth doing it quickly and efficiently without getting the cat’s head and mouth wet. The cat will avoid great trauma during grooming. It is worth clipping the nails beforehand or protecting the paws against possible attacks. An older cat can also be used to dripping, but you need to remember these 3 rules. And over time, the cat will allow us to do more. This is important for long-haired cats
systematically and do not allow the fur to become matted. Bathing and using shampoo and conditioners will allow us to comb out long hair faster. Once we have felts or tangles, an important element for quickly removing them is the bath that helps us in removing them. Brushes and combs can be of little help in combing then, a good tool will be here (felt). After bathing, wrap your cat in a towel or favorite scented blanket before combing. After wrapping, you can take care of the hair if the kitten allows us and it is not a stress for him. If the kitten wants to lick itself earlier, it should be allowed to do so. Filcak will also cope with dry hair. We don’t force the cat and we don’t fight. When the cat doesn’t want to and there is a necessity, we do it quickly. Routine and limited stress is then the key to success.

Cat claw care

The claws often grow and need to be trimmed to keep them long. The cat has an irresistible urge to sharpen them. This is an animal that hunts and needs its claws, this is their defense. At home, you should provide your cat with scratching posts as well as baits or toys. Frequent trimming of cat’s claws will be a way to cooperate well with us.

Caring for cat’s eyes, ears, teeth

When combing and playing with your cat, it is also worth taking care of the eyes, ears and teeth. Let’s go there often and take care of them. Hygiene is very important to keep your cat healthy. There are cosmetics on the market that make this care easier for us. Also, a very important element for the cat is deworming or deworming. A cat licks itself several times a day, taking its hair into its digestive system. To make it easier for him to digest such an amount of hair, you need to provide the cat with appropriate food created for this purpose or give pastes or pills. Herbs are a very good solution for deworming, which are not chemical but help to maintain a good state of the body. If parasites appear, consult a pharmacist.

Cat haircut

Sometimes a cat needs to be molded and modeled to make it look beautiful. Especially in the summer, a lot of cats come to us not only for modeling, but also for haircuts due to the heat. We are great with cats, so we warmly invite you with cats :)

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